Wheeling Lampung - Inlineskate Club

Not only mainstream sports clubs, Lampung is also rich in roller skating clubs. One of them is Wheeling Lampung. The roller skating club, which was formed on January 19, 2013, has won many prestigious roller skating awards both at the national and international levels. The name Wheeling Lampung is taken from the word wheels which means wheel. Then it was developed into wheeling, which is the highest trick in freestyle. Meanwhile, the word Lampung characterizes the area of origin of this club. Wheeling Lampung was formed on January 19, 2013. This club was initiated by reliable cyclists from Lampung Suci Aprodity together with his two colleagues. As an athlete, Suci feels that Lampung Province is very short on the next generation. Because of that, he was determined to form a club that could become a place for roller skating athletes at the same time to regenerate.