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Not only mainstream sports clubs, Lampung is also rich in roller skating clubs. One of them is Wheeling Lampung. The roller skating club, which was formed on January 19, 2013, has won many prestigious roller skating awards both at the national and international levels. The name Wheeling Lampung is taken from the word wheels which means wheel. Then it was developed into wheeling, which is the highest trick in freestyle. Meanwhile, the word Lampung characterizes the area of origin of this club. Wheeling Lampung was formed on January 19, 2013. This club was initiated by reliable cyclists from Lampung Suci Aprodity together with his two colleagues. As an athlete, Suci feels that Lampung Province is very short on the next generation. Because of that, he was determined to form a club that could become a place for roller skating athletes at the same time to regenerate.


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In the world of roller skating, there are several categories that are commonly used, namely speed, aggressive, and freestyle, while the category adopted by Wheeling Lampung is freestyle. The movements are varied, flexible and accompanied by music. Among these categories, speed is included in the National Sports Week (PON). The category featuring rollerblading with a straight track and without variation is practically the most famous. Even after 7 years Wheeling was formed, not many Lampung people know that there are other variants of roller skating besides speed.

To play roller skating, it takes a lot of careful preparation from mental to completeness. There will be many ups and downs that will be faced even though you are already an expert. In addition, the equipment used cannot be said to be cheap. For a pair of roller skates, the price can reach millions of rupiah depending on the specifications. Not to mention when participating in certain championships that require the players to spend personally.

Cannot be in any place, roller skates need a training ground with a smooth surface like a basketball court. However, because Lampung does not yet have a special place, Wheeling Lampung finally took advantage of the existing facilities, namely the Saburai Sports Center. There are many oblique assumptions that say that playing roller skating can damage the existing path. In fact, the wheels on the skates are designed to be smooth and do not cause marks. In many big cities, roller skates are even allowed to play in shopping centers such as malls.

Achieves but not heard

Not many people know that Lampung Province has always won the title of overall champion in every roller skating championship. Starting from local, national to international championships, Wheeling Lampung always participates. In the near future, Wheeling Lampung will hold a national roller skating championship at an elementary school in Bandar Lampung. The hope is, through this event, the echo of roller skates in Lampung will increase and be better known. Previously, Wheeling had held a similar competition in 2014.

However, due to difficulties in finding a place that could facilitate activities. this, then the roller skates must be patient for up to 6 years. He hopes that the government in the future can pay more attention to this matter. Because, not a few athletes who eventually resign because they continue to rely on personal abilities without government support

Suci said that the enthusiasm of the Lampung people towards roller skating is quite good. Many of them make this Dutch sport a hobby and even pursue it as a professional. Wheeling members themselves even touched the number 100 people. However, that number then dwindled due to natural selection. Currently, the number of Wheeling Lampung members has reached 50 people, with a total of around 35 active members. They are divided into two groups, namely juniors and seniors.

For seniors, the age limit is 17 years and over. Whereas juniors are usually followed by kindergarten and elementary school children who can focus on following directions. Apart from age, the difference between seniors and juniors is the pay policy. Suci explained that the policy was carried out to foster enthusiasm among seniors.

Considering that most of them already have other activities such as school, tutoring, college, work and so on, which results in not as many as juniors. Therefore, Wheeling Lampung agreed on the age level that is usually a priority and can focus on when training is 6 to 12 years.

Tribunners who wish to join Wheeling Lampung membership can attend immediately when they are training. They usually practice twice a week at the Saburai and futsal spots on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Suci added, those who do not have roller skates will be lent first for some time. Meanwhile, for those who already exist, they can come directly.

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